Open calls

4-year PhD Positions in Geoinformatics:

A systematic approach to re-gridding and data integration with Discrete Global Grid Systems for machine learning readiness
Assessment of carbon stock in hemiboreal forests from multi-static synthetic aperture radar data.
Detection of small-scale landscape elements located on agricultural fields with deep learning.
4-year PhD Positions in Space research and technology: Spectral diversity metrics and machine learning for spatially predictive biodiversity modelling.

We also welcome visiting researchers and students, postdocs, national and international research and educational collaborations.

There are general funding options available:

Evelyn Uuemaa

Professor in Geoinformatics

Landscape Geoinformatics Lab
Department of Geography
University of Tartu
Vanemuise 46
51003 Tartu, Estonia

Phone: +372 737 5827